An Ancient Adventure: How to Discover Idle Earth History 101

Remember when Gordon fished up the Dawn Continent last year? His fishing rod might have disappeared, but what he set in motion was far bigger than even a Super Manager’s genius mind could handle …

The mining on the Dawn Continent continued, which later led to the discovery of the Dusk Continent — there are no records of how that happened, but who knows what’s going on while your miners are idle anyway. A true tycoon doesn’t ask questions and just reaps the rewards.

Eventually, your miners began to discover curious objects during their digging endeavors: ancient stone tablets with strange scribblings on them!

As a truly versatile mining tycoon with excellent staff, you left it to your most experienced scientists, Dr. Lilly and Dr. Steiner, to decode the seemingly ancient carvings. After months of research and many hundreds of spent Boosts, Steiner figured out that the tablets date all the way back to over 12ab years ago!

Together with Ranger Sue, your most seasoned explorer extraordinaire, you set out on Lee Vatori’s Yacht (which is definitely not called the MS Megamultimillionaire) on a journey across the seven Idle Seas, searching for more signs of these mysterious ancient miners.

And sure enough, after idling for a few days, you noticed a rocky structure on the horizon that most certainly wasn’t there before. Could this be the ruins of an ancient mining civilization?

Which brings us to today. Now it’s YOUR time to explore the newly emerged Ancient Continent and its mysteries, and delve closer to the truth of idle history: were we not the first miners on Idle Earth? What happened to this ancient civilization? What else might await us in the depths of the Idle Oceans? Will Gordon ever see his fishing rod again?

Check out one of Idle Miner Tycoon’s biggest updates ever on your app store now! Get ready to make your mark in the idle history books, and tell us what you found!

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