A new Dawn (Continent) for Idle Miner Tycoon!

You might have already seen a strange land mass that has appeared in the eastern seas of Idle Earth: the Dawn Continent! Once unlocked with your hard-earned Fire Cash, this new continent will allow you to explore five brand-new mines in an alien environment!

But how did we even discover this brave new World?

Like many good things in life, it all started with some afternoon fishing! After their shift in the Ruby Mine, Supermanager Gordon wanted to introduce his buddy Lee Vatori to his favorite hobby. They grabbed a couple ice-cold Boosts and headed to the beautiful east coast of the Grass Continent.

When he cast his fishing rod into the sea, however, master angler Gordon was unable to wheel it in again! Would this be the greatest catch of his fishing career? Seconds later, the ground began to shake and the currents became so strong that Gordon lost grip of his rod! A strange glow appeared at the horizon, and our dynamic duo couldn’t believe what they saw: a huge new island had risen from the depths of the ocean.

And we all know what any good Supermanager’s first thought should be in this situation: “Let’s call the boss, get out the shovels and see what we can dig out of the ground over there!”

So what will you be able to mine on the Dawn Continent?

You will be able to find Heliodor, Realgar, Alexandrite, Celestine, and Titanite! Precious gems and ores that have never been seen before on Idle Earth.

Later on, you will be able to use the knowledge (and cash) that you gained from this newest idle mining adventure to unlock a number of brand-new skills! Those will improve your Mainland Mines and help out your favorite Super Managers!

Gordon’s fishing rod, however, was never to be seen again. Where might it be now, and what did he even catch? Stay tuned!

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