A Tale of Gems and Mountains — Gordon: Origins!

Mountains, potatoes, goats. When asked about the start of his career in a recent interview with CNIdle, those were Gordon’s words. Growing up in a remote little Mainland Mountain village, Gordon’s childhood days were mostly spent on the fields of his family’s farm.

Life was simple then, Gordon added, and while his family only made about 13T Idle Cash per month they could from time to time find a green, blue, or even red gem in a nearby stream — which were intensely sought after by curiously well-dressed men and women from faraway lands.

An Epic Expedition

Just another lazy Saturday: little young Gordon was lying on the grass, dreaming of seeing the seven Idle Seas one day — how many precious gems might those hold? Suddenly, a familiar blonde ponytail was waving in his face. It was the girl from next door: Sue!

“Wake up sleepyhead! I have to show you something amazing! Let’s have a little hike over to Mt. Idlemore!”

And off they went on Gordon’s very first epic expedition! After many hours, our dynamic duo reached a mysterious cave. Sue fired up her trusty flashlight and Gordon couldn’t believe it: gems as far as the eye could see! Thousands of precious, sparkly, glittering, shimmering treasures that even a billion goats couldn’t carry.

Potatoes for the People!

It was on this very day that young Gordon made it his mission to find a way to snatch those gems from Mt. Idlemore. If he could manage to do that, his family would be swimming in potatoes forever!

So he packed up his things, waved goodbye to the family and went on a legendary expedition that eventually led him to your mining company. Now he inspires your workers to dig even faster every day in order to someday reach those fabled mountain mines!

So now it’s YOUR turn:

Will you be able to see his mission through and complete the new Mountains Mainland area? Will Gordon and Sue meet again in one of your mines? Will it rain golden potatoes on the Gordon estate?

Let’s see if you can finish the story!

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